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X-Treme Wrap is a military-grade, self-bonding, repair wrap for sealing hoses, pipes, air duct joints, and more. Made from a special, high-quality, silicone-rubber compound, X-Treme Wrap adheres to itself when wrapped under tension. Designed to form a permanent, air & water-tight seal, X-Treme Wrap can also withstand severe weather, as it resists melting up to more than 500° F(+260° C) and remains flexible down to -60° F(-50° C). Has a tensile strength of 600 PSI and insulates to 400 volts/mil.

1” x 120”
SKU: EB5617-B

2” x 120”
SKU: EB5617-B2

3” x 120”
SKU: EB5617-B3

Self-fusing air and water tight silicone tape. Designed to form a permanent seal on pipes and electrical connections. Its operating temperature range is -60° F to 500° F. Has a tensile strength of 600 PSI and insulates to 400 volts/mil.

Features & Benefits
Military-grade repair wrap that bonds to itself, sealing leaks and providing electrical insulation to 400 volts
Resistant to extreme weather and temperatures, with an endurance range of up to +500° F and down to -60° F
Forms a permanent seal that is both air and water-tight, with a tensile strength of 600 PSI.

Building engineers, plumbers, HVAC departments, construction and maintenance, facility maintenance personnel, electricians, fleet department, landscape department

Office buildings, apartments, steam plants, boiler rooms, power plants, government facilities, schools, hospitals

Leaking pipes, electrical wires and connections, sprinkler systems

1. Clean surface to be wrapped and cut off length to be used. 2. Peel back a short length of protective film, keeping tape clean and dry. 3. Begin with one complete overlap of tape onto itself. 4. Stretch X-Treme Wrap while continuing to wrap object with “half-laps”, removing clear film as you go. For greater pressure resistance, use 2 or more tightly wrapped layers. 5. At final wrap, end of tape should be completely positioned onto itself to ensure seal.
Note: X-Treme Wrap bond begins to cure immediately upon contact with itself. Repositioning or removal is not recommended after 2 minutes of wrapping. X-Treme Wrap will form a permanent, cohesive bond within 24 hours at room temperature.


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