Power Foam CA

12 units of Net Wt 18-16 oz each SKU: EA570-CA


Power Foam CA is a unique aerosol foam which enables simple and easy degreasing of engines, tools, parts, workbenches, vent covers, machinery, coils, industrial equipment, concrete and more. It sprays as an engulfing, heavy-duty foam that clings to surfaces and provides extended degreasing contact time. Power Foam CA contains a potent blend of water-soluble, grease-dissolving agents and detergents that provide powerful degreasing action. It features a self-indicating foam which quickly breaks down grease and grime and becomes discolored, indicating when grease and grime are ready to be flushed away. Power Foam CA deodorizes as it degreases, leaving the area with a fresh citrus aroma.

12 units of Net Wt 18-16 oz each

Heavy duty foaming degreaser that clings to surfaces and provides extended degreasing contact time. Water-soluble formula breaks down grease and grime on contact from machinery, tolls and HVAC coils

Features & Benefits
Powerful high-pressure spray
Thick clinging foam
Fast grease-dissolving action

Road maintenance crews, grounds departments, HVAC technicians, building engineers, facility maintenance personnel, public transportation, mechanics, public works, municipalities, gas and oil companies, power plants, fleet departments, manufacturing plants, construction and maintenance

Automotive engines, public vehicles, machinery, tools, lawn equipment,
construction equipment, road equipment, driveways and parking lots, industrial equipment, air conditioning coils, exhaust vents

Grease, grime, dirt, soils, odors

SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING. For best results, spray directly onto greasy surfaces. Look for self-indicating foam to break and become discolored. Agitate as needed and flush with water stream. For difficult to remove contaminants, allow foam to remain on surface for several minutes before agitating and flushing. Repeat application as needed. A stiff bristled brush may be useful for loosening stubborn deposits.
CAUTION: Use with adequate ventilation. Intentional misuse by concentrating and inhaling the product can be harmful or fatal.

Water (7732-18-5)
Butane (106-97-8)
Diethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether (111-90-0)
Distillates (Petroleum)
Hydrotreated Light (64742-47-8)
Isopropyl Alcohol (67-63-0)
Polyethylene Glycol
Nonylphenol Ether (9016-45-9)
Propane (74-98-6)
Sodium Metasilicate Anhydrous (6834-92-0)

Health: 2
Flammability: 2
Physical Hazard: 0
Personal Protection: X


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Weight18 lbs
Dimensions10 in x 9 in x 11 in
Package SizeNet Wt 18-16 oz
Units Per Case12