Dura Steel™

16-13 oz net wt SKU: EA175


Dura Steel™ is an ultra-durable coating formulated with pure stainless steel flakes (100% Pure 316L Stainless Steel Pigment) delivered in a unique epoxy resin system. It provides a smooth, stainless steel finish that seals and protects metal, wood, ceramics, and more. Dura Steel™ provides maximum corrosion resistance and protection against alkalis, acids, and other harsh chemicals, as well as severe temperature conditions. It dries quickly to a satin sheen finish. Use Dura Steel™ after our Rust Exterminator to ensure longer lasting protection.

16-13 oz net wt
SKU: EA175

Fast drying stainless steel coating. Provides corrosion resistance and protection against harsh chemicals and severe weather conditions.

Features & Benefits
Pure 100% stainless steel pigment #316L
Resists UV light (non-yellowing) and heat up to 250°F
Maximum corrosion resistance and protection against harsh chemicals and extreme weather conditions

Vehicle maintenance, painters, plumbers, building engineers, power plants, sheet metal shops, municipalities, air conditioning maintenance, public transportation, fire departments, machine shops, restaurant owners, marine maintenance, gas and oil companies, agricultural maintenance, military, road crews, aircraft maintenance

Radiators, steam pipes, fire hydrants, exhausts, mufflers, parking meters, chain & wire fences, boilers, engines, lockers, heat exchangers, ovens, storage & mixing tanks, chemical processing & production equipment, oil rigs, restaurant equipment, other metal, wood, and ceramic surfaces

Corrosion resistance and protection against alkalis, acids, harsh chemicals, weather, sunlight, oil, water

Surface must be clean, dry and free of rust before painting. Protect surrounding areas from spray mist. For best results, use when can is between 50°F and 90°F (10°C and 32°C). Shake can at least one minute after rattle is heard and occasionally during use. Spray surface with steady even strokes at a distance of 8-10 inches (20 to 25cm). Several light coats give a better finish than one heavy coat. If clogging develops, turn spray head ¼ turn or remove and clean spray head slot. Do not stick pin or other objects into can opening. With can and spray head pointed away from you, reinsert spray head with a gentle twisting motion. To clear spray head for future use, turn can upside down and spray for 3 seconds. Completely empty cans may be recycled or disposed of with regular trash. Dispose of partially empty cans responsibly. Do not incinerate or compact.

Acetone (67-64-1)
Toluene (108-88-3)
Propane (74-98-6)
N-Butane (106-97-8)
Xylene (1330-20-7)
Stainless Steel Flake (65997-19-5)
Ethyl Benzene (100-41-4)
Mineral Spirits (64742-47-8)
Other ingredients: “Contents Partially Unknown”, Acrylic Resin

Health: 1
Flammability: 4
Reactivity: 3
Personal Protection: O


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Weight12 lbs
Dimensions9 in x 9 in x 11 in
Package Size16-13 oz net wt