Nutty Hands

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Nutty Hands are a heavy duty industrial hand cleaner formulated for ultimate performance. This water-based formula features new generation cleaning agents and skin conditioners to leave your hands clean and soft. Nutty Hands are formulated with cosmetic grade walnut shells to help remove the toughest soils without irritating or drying out your skin. This eco-friendly formula will remove greases, paints, ink, and other industrial soils without the need for solvents.

24 units of 3.38 fl oz each
SKU: EB3358-3

4 units of 85 fl oz each
SKU: EB3358-25

12 units of 13.53 fl oz each
SKU: EB3358-18

Concentrated industrial hand cleaner formulated with walnut shells. Water-based and solvent free formula cleans and conditions dry, damaged hands. Liquefies and removes stubborn industrial soils, grease, oil, tar, ink, paint and more.


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