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X-Treme Grip is an industrial rubber grip for tools, levers, construction equipment and sporting goods. It requires no gluing or heating. X-Treme Grip uses strong, durable material to provide a safe and comfortable non-slippery grip to any tool, handle, lever and more. X-Treme Grip is designed with ergonomics in mind, helping you minimize physical stress or injury by giving you a more secure grip. By absorbing and redistributing energy during use, X-Treme Grip increases your personal safety while providing maximum comfort. With its patented design, it is easy to install. The elastic grip is held extended by an inner coil, forming a tube that fits over the handle. The user simply pulls a tab to unwind the coil allowing the grip to shrink and compress securely to size. X-Treme Grip offers three different sizes. The range in diameters are easy to identify with color-coded inner coils. Simply select the X-Treme Grip with the smallest size diameter that will fit over your tool, handle or lever.

6 units of 1" coil with rubber each
SKU: EB3671-S

6 units of 1.5" coil with rubber each
SKU: EB3671-M

6 units of 2" coil with rubber each
SKU: EB3671-L

X-Treme Grip is a simple way to add a grip to any tool or handle. It provides an ergonomic and non-slippery grip without gluing or heating. Features high chemical and weather resistance.

Features & Benefits
Anti-slip and anti-vibration grip
Chemical and heat resistant up to 300 °F
Minimizes physical stress and injury

Building engineers, electricians, military personnel, facility maintenance, construction and maintenance, plumbers, HVAC technicians, carpenters, welders, custodians

Axes, crowbars, hammers, rakes, ratchets, shovels, trowels, wrenches, racquets, golf clubs, hockey sticks, jackhammers, levers, drills, sledges, wheelbarrows, mop and broom handles

Non-slippery, ergonomic and durable grip

Select the appropriate size X-Treme Grip model. Place X-Treme Grip tube over item with pull tab at open end of item being re-gripped. Hold X-Treme Grip in the desired starting position with one hand and carefully pull cord in direction of the pull arrow to unwind coil with the other hand. Make sure to position the grip in the desired location. Once the top few coils unwind, the grip begins to shrink. (Note: the grip will not be able to be moved once all of the coil is pulled and the entire grip shrinks). Hold X-Treme Grip in position until it has shrunk firmly onto the item by pulling the remaining coil. Trim off excess X-Treme Grip for the perfect fit.

EPMD (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) (M-Class) Rubber


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