Orange Blast

Net Wt 18-15 SKU: EA837



Orange Blast™ is all natural d-limonene based degreaser. It features a powerful penetrating spray that quickly breaks down and emulsifies heavy grease, oil, tar, wax, and adhesive. Orange Blast™ will remove heavy duty buildup from a variety of surfaces. It can also be sprayed into drains to eliminate grease accumulation and odor, and used as a deodorant in trash cans and garbages. Orange Blast™ contains no ozone depleting chemicals.

Net Wt 18-15
SKU: EA837

Heavy duty natural degreaser made with 93% pure d’limonene. Powerful spray quickly breaks down heavy grease, tar, adhesive, wax and ink.

Features & Benefits
Formulated with 93% d-Limonene
Powerful penetrating spray
Emulsifies grease, tar and adhesive

Road maintenance crews, roofers, sign crews, building engineers, custodians, plumbers, facility maintenance personnel, hospitality staff, restaurant owners, department stores, public transportation, school districts, hospitals, mechanics, public works, municipalities, gas and oil companies, power plants, fleet departments, manufacturing plants, construction and maintenance

Machinery, roofing equipment, ovens, grills, motors, tools, equipment, metal parts, drains, garbage disposals, trash cans, garbages, laundry pre-spotter

Tar, asphalt, gum, wax, grease, grime, printing ink, decals, stickers, carbon deposits, odors

Remove cap and spray Orange Blast™ directly on the surface. Allow it to work for 30 seconds. Flush away loosened deposits with water. On fabrics and plastics, test in an inconspicuous area before use. For drains, spray directly into the drain. Let the product work for a few minutes, then flush with hot water.

D-limonene (5989-27-5, Solvent)
Propane (74-98-6, Propellant)
Butane (106-97-8, Propellant)
Undeceth-3 (34398-01-1, Sufactant - Nonionic)
Surfactant (TradeSecretSurfactant13, Surfactant - Cleaning Agent)
C9-11 Pareth-4 (68439-46-3, Sufactant - Nonionic)
alcohols,C12-13,ethoxylated (66455-14-9, Surfactant - Cleaning Agent)

Health: 2
Flammability: 4
Physical Hazard: 0
Personal Protection: X


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Weight18 lbs
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Package SizeNet Wt 18-15