Replacement Plastic Razor Blades 200-Pack

SKU: SR0955


Plastic razor blades 200 pack. Plastic blades are made of high-quality plastic. Providing greater durability and flexibility for tasks. Plastic scraper blades with sharp double edge, excellent for use where a metal razor blade will cause damage. Plastic scraper blades safely clean glass without scratching surface. Safe for fingers, hands and surfaces.

SKU: SR0955

Features & Benefits
Excellent for use where a metal razor blade will cause damage.
Safely clean glass without scratching surface.
Safe for fingers, hands and surfaces.

Building engineers, electricians, military personnel, facility maintenance, construction and maintenance, plumbers, HVAC technicians, carpenters, welders, custodians

Labels, stickers, window film, decals, and other adhesives from glass and other surfaces.

Plastic razor blades designed to fit most standard razor blade holders.

Can be used safely to scrape stickers, tags, decals etc. off delicate surfaces.



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