Refillable Aerosol Spray System

6 oz bottle with aerosol sprayer SKU: EE0267



The Refillable Aerosol Spray System allows you to spray up to 16 ounces of almost any paint or liquid. Sprays disinfectants, cleaners, solvents, air fresheners, water-based, latex-based and oil-based paints, acrylics, alkyds, clear coats, enamels, epoxys, gel coats, lacquers, leather dyes, polyurethanes, primers, rust Inhibitors, stains, varnishes, waterproofers, 2k coatings & much more. The Spray System is easy and efficient to use. use


6 oz bottle with aerosol sprayer
SKU: EE0267

Refillable aerosol spray system

Features & Benefits
Delivers precise, continuous and uniform spray
Atomizes up to 16 oz of material using just 1.94 oz of eco-friendly propellant
Can be used again and again with different formulas for different projects
Output pressure: 70 psi


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Package Size6 oz bottle with aerosol sprayer

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