Citra Gel™

20-18 oz net wt SKU: EA938


Citra Gel™ combines the natural power of d-Limonene with the convenience of an aerosol. It sprays like a liquid, and sets up like a gel ensuring longer contact time. The clinging gel adheres to vertical and irregular surfaces without run off. Citra Gel™ removes the most stubborn deposits so they can be flushed away with water quickly and easily. Its remarkable formula is extremely effective against heavy greases, tar, asphalt, and adhesives. Citra Gel™ contains no ozone depleting chemicals.

20-18 oz net wt
SKU: EA938

Powerful natural solvent, degreaser and adhesive remover. Contains 70% d’limonene. Thick, clinging formula.

Features & Benefits
Contains 70% d-Limonene
Sprays like a liquid, sets up like a gel
Thick formula clings to vertical surfaces

Road maintenance crews, roofers, sign crews, building engineers, custodians, facility maintenance personnel, public transportation, school districts, hospitals, mechanics, public works, municipalities, gas and oil companies, power plants, fleet departments, manufacturing plants, construction and maintenance

Roofing tools and forms, masonry, brick, heating pots, buckets, construction equipment, engine blocks, asphalt spread, paddles, brooms, shovels, concrete floors, trucks and busses, glass, wood, stone, road construction machines, transmissions

Grease, tar, pitch, oil, asphalt, roofing compounds, adhesives, stickers, permanent markers, decals

Shake well before using. Remove cap and spray evenly over the entire surface. Allow to work for 1-2 minutes. Flush away with water. Repeat as necessary. Do NOT apply to plastic parts. CAUTION: Use with adequate ventilation. Intentional misuse by concentrating and inhaling the product can be harmful or fatal.

D-limonene (5989-27-5, Solvent, EU Fragrance Allergen)
C11-13 Synthetic Isoparaffin (64742-48-9, Solvent, EU Annex VI CMRs)
SILICA (112945-52-5, Anticaking agent)
Polyalkylene Glycol (9003-11-6, Solvent)
Ethylene Glycol (107-21-1, Solvent, Cal Prop 65, US NTP Repro Tox, CA non-cancer hazards, CA TACs, Cal NLs)
Diethylene Glycol (111-46-6, Solvent)
naphthalene (91-20-3, Solvent, Cal Prop 65, IRIS Neurotoxicants, IARC carcinogens, US EPA Priority Chemical List, ATSDR Neurotoxicants, CA non-cancer hazards, CA TACs, US NTP Carcinogens, CA Priority Pollutants, Cal NLs)

Health: 2
Flammability: 4
Physical Hazard: 0
Personal Protection: X


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Weight18 lbs
Dimensions10 in x 9 in x 11 in
Package Size20-18 oz net wt