Lemon Plunge™

32 fl oz SKU: EQ3055


Lemon Plunge™ is a non-fuming liquid that dissolves fats, oils, soap, lint, hair, paper, coffee grounds and other organic matter to keep drains &
sewers open and free flowing. Lemon Plunge™ is a high-powered formulation that penetrates clogging masses, converting them to soft pulp that flushes through the system, cleaning and clearing clogged drains. Its powerful formula is heavier than water, so it sinks quickly to the point of obstruction where it immediately starts to penetrate the blockage. It is ideal as both drain maintainer and drain opener. Regular use will keep drains free flowing and will ensure effective odor control. Lemon Plunge™ is harmless to plumbing and septic systems, when used as directed. It is not recommended to be used in garbage disposals.

32 fl oz
SKU: EQ3055

Heavy duty drain opener and maintainer. Non-acid and non-fuming. Harmless to plumbing and septic systems.

Features & Benefits
Acid-free and non-fuming formula
Heavier than water
Lemon fragrance

Plumbers, custodians, facility maintenance personnel, hospitality staff, restaurant owners, public works, municipalities, building engineers.

Drains, sinks, bathtubs, showers, sewer laterals, sewer mains.

Fats, oils, soap, lint, hair, paper, coffee grounds, organic matter.

CAUTION: Should not be mixed with or added to any other chemicals. CLOGGED DRAINS: Slowly pour 16 ounces directly into drain opening. Let stand 15 minutes. Flush drain with plenty of hot water. If necessary, repeat application and let stand 45 minutes. Badly clogged large industrial drains may require several treatments. SLOW RUNNING DRAINS: Pour 8 ounces slowly and directly into drain. Repeat procedure two or three times at 15 minute intervals. After last application, rinse drain thoroughly with hot water. TO CONDITION DRAINS and PREVENT BUILD-UP OF CLOGGING MASS: Pour 8-12 ounces in each drain weekly.

Sodium Hydroxide (1310-73-2), Water (7732-18-5), Surfactant (9016-45-9), Fragrance.

Health: 3; Flammability: 0; Reactivity: 1; Personal Protection: D.


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Package Size32 fl oz