Ura Guard™

12 units of 10.5 oz net wt each SKU: EB0230


Ura Guard™ is an eco-friendly solution for complete urinal care. Powerful cleaner and descaler removes years of calculus build-up in pipes and prevents new build-up from forming. Ura Guard™ helps prevent costly plumbing bills due to build-up in pipes. One cartridge services one urinal for 30 days. Effectively eliminates a major source of urinal odors deep in the pipes and emits a light, fresh scent. Ura Guard™ requires no tools, tapes, or screws for a simple, seconds-only installation. It features easy refill cartridge for fast servicing and contains no metal parts to create rust or scratch on porcelain. In-urinal placement discourages vandalism.

12 units of 10.5 oz net wt each
SKU: EB0230

Eco-friendly urinal deodorizer, descaler and cleaner in one. Contains no paradichlorobenzene, a possible carcinogen.

Features & Benefits
Environmentally safe - contains no paradichlorobenzene
Continuously descales and deodorizes for over 30 days
Removes years of build-up while being gentle on pipes

Plumbers, custodians, facility maintenance personnel, office building engineers, hospitality staff, restaurant owners, hospitals, schools, apartments, nursing homes, prisons


Uric salts, calcium deposits, mineral deposits, rusty stains, water yellow rings, hard water residue, soap scum, odors

Remove the mounting bracket, refill cartridge, and fragrance cap from their packaging. Orient the mounting bracket with the arrowhead extensions pointing up. Position the arrowhead extensions of the mounting bracket straight up and down to line up with two water opening holes along the top inner rim of the urinal. Push the arrowheads straight into the water openings until the unit securely hangs from the holes. Note: It is okay to bend the arrowhead extensions as necessary in order to reach the water opening holes. Assemble the refill unit by inserting the fragrance cap into the front of the refill cartridge. Holding the refill so the Ecoline logo is facing out, slide the bottom of the unit into the bracket first, followed by the top, until it snaps into place.

Proprietary Mixture

Health: 1
Flammability: 1
Reactivity: 0
Personal Protection: B

Weight8 lbs
Dimensions8 in x 8 in x 12 in
Package Size10.5 oz net wt
Units Per Case12