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Pipe Mega Wrap is a water activated fiberglass permanent pipe repair kit that sets like steel in only 30-90 minutes. With a standard line pressure and heat resistance of 425° F, it can be used on virtually any kind of pipe or hose, including potable water lines. Pipe Mega Wrap is designed to work on wet, dry, clean, dirty or corroded pipes and is an easy alternative to traditional methods like cementing, soldering, welding, and pipe replacement. It even works under water, both salt and fresh, and once cured, is chemically resistant to diesel fuel, petroleum products, halocarbon and alcohols.

3” x 132”
SKU: EB9009

4” x 252”
SKU: EB9010

EPA approved water activated fiberglass wrap. Sets like steel in 30 minutes, with a standard line pressure and heat resistance of 425° F.

Features & Benefits
Heat resistant to 425° F
Works on wet or dry surfaces
No tools needed, sets like steel in 30 minutes

Building engineers, plumbers, HVAC personnel, public works, apartment buildings, grounds maintenance, military, machine shops, water and power plants, aerospace, construction and maintenance

Any material, pipe or hose of any metal, plastic, rubber cement or clay

Leaks in all types of pipes, hoses, and lines that may contain fluids, gases, or any other type of material

1. Remove all pressure from the damaged section of pipe before at- tempting your repair
2. Remove any oil, grease, loose rust scale, sealant tape, paint or hard-
ware from the area to be repaired
3. Put on latex gloves (gloves go on best when hands are dry).
4. Knead epoxy putty to a uniform color (consistently gray in color, free from specs). Putty will begin to warm as consistency is achieved.
5. Apply the kneaded epoxy putty into the repair area tapering the putty onto the pipe. Epoxy putty should be in place before hardening occurs (usually 2 minutes). If making your repair while submerged in fluids, work the epoxy putty into the repair area and hold it in place until adhesion begins.
6. Wrap MUST be applied before epoxy putty hardens. Immediately open the foil pouch containing the Pipe Mega Wrap. Pour water into the foil pouch. To ensure water is distributed into all portions of the tape, squeeze the tape while submerged in the water for 20-30 seconds.
7. Begin wrapping the tape on the opposite side of the break, keeping tension applied to the tape at all times. Continue to wrap the tape, moving back and forth along the pipe until the leaking area has tape applied 2 inches (5 cm) on either side of the leak and at least 8 to 10 layers over the leak.
8. Once all tape has been applied to the pipe, grab the taped area, squeeze firmly, and rotate your hand in the direction of the wrap. This insures all layers of the wrap will tighten.
9. As the resin begins to cure, swelling and bubbling will occur. This curing process will cause the tape to unwrap. You Must Continue Step 8 For Approximately 15 Minutes To Prevent Unwrapping. As curing is nearing completion, the tape will become very sticky and hold itself in place without unwrapping.
10. The repair will be fully cured in approximately 30 minutes. Curing time will be longer in dry climates or cold temperatures.
11. Any necessary cleanup can be done at this time using alcohol or acetone.
12. After final cure, repaired area can be sanded and painted if desired.

Fiberglass (65997-17-3)
4,4’-Diphenylmethane Diisocyanate (MDI) (101-68-8)
Polyisocyanate Prepolymer based on MDI (Proprietary)
Glycerol (Trade Secret)
Polymeric Diphenylmethane Diisocyanate (pMDI) (9016-87-9)
Diphenylmethane Diisocyanate (MDI) Mixed Isomers (26447-40-5)
Polyester resin (Trade Secret)

Health: 2
Flammability: 0
Reactivity: 0
Personal Protection: B


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