Floor Grabber High Traffic Mat 36″ x 100′

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Floor Grabber High-Traffic Mat is a high-traction, adhesive-backed absorbent mat that keeps a low profile for exceptional floor safety. Both feet and forklifts move safely and easily over Floor Grabber High-Traffic Mat’s durable interlocking fiber construction, which sticks tight and flat to the floor at all times thanks to its adhesive backing. This absorbent mat captures water, melting snow, dirt and grease from shoes and equipment, keeping floors clean and dry. Unlike rental rugs, no need to reposition mat continually — once Floor Grabber High-Traffic Mat is in place, it can stay down up to 12 weeks. Sweep, mop or vacuum over Floor Grabber High-Traffic Mat as part of your regular floor cleaning program — no extra steps required. Cuts easily to create customized coverage in any area in your facility —transition areas, walkways, entryways and more. Tested and Certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) and ADA compliant for wheelchairs and walkers. Available in gray, black and hi-viz black/yellow chevron.

36" W x 100' L Roll
SKU: U010037

36" W x 100' L Roll
SKU: U010036

36" W x 100' L Roll
SKU: U0100BY

High-traction, adhesive-backed absorbent mat for liquids, dirt and oils. Hi-vis chevron border.

Features & Benefits
High traction mat with adhesive backing
Stays in place up to 12 weeks
Absorbs up to 8 gallons of liquid
Available with hi-visibility black/yellow chevron border

Facility maintenance personnel, plumbers, HVAC technicians, carpenters, contractors, custodians

Floors, entryways, walkways, shop areas, warehouse, high traffic areas

Liquids, melting snow, water, dirt, grease and oil

Step 1 — Surface Preparation
Clean and dry floor thoroughly for best grip and overall performance.
Step 2 — Cut to size
Cut Floor Grabber High-Traffic Mat to size with a safety knife
Step 3 — Repositioning
Position the mat, smooth out and press into place
Step 4 — Trim edges
For heavy traffic areas, trim corners at 45° angles


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