Carpet Spotter

18-15 oz net wt SKU: EA347


Carpet Spotter is a powerful carpet stain and spot remover. It is formulated with a blend of enzymes, strong cleaners and degreasers to remove stains due to dirt, ink, grease, oil, mud, ketchup, urine, vomit, coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, and blood. Upside down spray valve allows easy application. Stream spray concentrates product on spots and stains without heavy overspray and quickly saturates materials for instant cleaning without leaving residue. Carpet Spotter contains no solvents, which might soften the carpet backing. It is also formulated with an odor neutralizer which destroys odors through oxidation catalysis, leaving a pleasant fragrance behind.

18-15 oz net wt
SKU: EA347

Enzymatic carpet stain remover. Solvent and residue free. Neutralizes odors and safe on most fabrics.

Features & Benefits
Solvent and residue free
Neutralizes odors
Safe on most fabrics

Custodians, apartment buildings, hospitality, office buildings, car detailing shops, public transportation, club houses, schools, nursing homes, government facilities


Stains due to dirt, ink, grease, oil, mud, ketchup, urine, vomit, coffee, tea, alcoholic, beverages, soft drinks, blood

Can sprays upside down only. Remove protective cap. Shake well. Hold can upside down. Point opening in spray tip towards spot or stain. Depress the tab on the top of the spray tip to spray. Hold can at arm’s length. It is not necessary to bend down to apply this product. Apply in short bursts until spot or stain is covered. Allow a short period of time for spotter to penetrate stain. Blot spot with a clean cloth working from center of stain out. Stain or spot will be gone in seconds. Excessive deposits of grease, oil or ink may require additional applications. Wait until material is dry before reapplying.

Water (7732-18-5)
2-Butoxy Ethanol (111-76-2)
Propane/n-Butane (68476-86-8)
lsopropyl Alcohol (67-63-0)
Nonionic Surfactant (127087-87-0)

Health: 1
Flammability: 1
Reactivity: 0
Personal Protection: A


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Weight36 lbs
Dimensions20 in x 18 in x 22 in
Package Size18-15 oz net wt