Bio-Enzymatic Coil Cleaner

20-18 oz net wt SKU: EA374


Bio-Enzymatic Coil Cleaner is powerful thick, clinging foam which removes dirt, lint and grease from air conditioner and heater coil fins. Convenient, portable aerosol features a strong directional spray which helps force foam into coil air spaces. No rinsing required on evaporator coils or any other surface where condensation causes a rinsing action. Water-based foam creates no harsh vapors and leaves a fresh natural scent. Bio-Enzymatic Coil cleaner increases system efficiency and reduces energy consumption. Spray in pan and drain lines to help keep them clear and destroy odors. It contains no ozone depleting chemicals.

20-18 oz net wt
SKU: EA374

Powerful foaming enzymatic coil cleaner with clinging action. Low-odor, non-fuming and non-hazardous formula requires no rinsing. Removes dirt, lint and grease from air conditioner and heater coils, while keeping drain lines clear.

Features & Benefits
Self-rinsing formula
Low-odor and non-fuming
Non-hazardous and non-acid

HVAC maintenance, building engineers, hospitality, maintenance crews, automotive, public transportation, hospitals, school districts

Air conditioners, air handlers, radiators, roof heating and cooling units, wall and window units, ventilators, dryers, ice machines, refrigerators

Dirt, grease, lint

SHAKE FREQUENTLY DURING USE. Before using, protect all electrical equipment and parts with plastic or aluminum wrap. Spray area thoroughly with penetrating and holding foam. Foam breakdown and dirt absorption indicates when surface may be flushed clean, if desired. For stubborn build up, a repeat application may be necessary. Caution: Use with adequate ventilation. Intentional misuse by concentrating or inhaling the product can be harmful or fatal.

Water (7732-18-5)
Butane (106-97-8)
Propane (74-98-6)
Diethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether (68515-73-1)
Sodium Nitrite (7632-00-0)

Health: 1
Flammability: 2
Physical Hazard: 0
Personal Protection: A


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Weight18 lbs
Dimensions10 in x 9 in x 11 in
Package Size20-18 oz net wt