Supreme Bungee Straps 12″-36″

Various options available

From $107.52 - $142.56

Supreme Bungee Straps are heavy duty industrial straps with nylon “S” hooks, which are proudly made in the USA. Due to the high tech properties of the material and the superior quality of the hook ends, they serve as a safer and better performing replacement for any other bungee cords. Our Supreme Bungee Straps are made of a unique blend of polyurethane that won’t break, crack or become brittle. They deliver high performance under extreme weather conditions such as UV, hot and cold temperature variations, water, and ozone; they are also resistant to diesel fuel, oil and chemicals. Supreme Bungee Straps stretch up to twice their original length. Our nylon end hooks are molded into the cord/strap ensuring they will not come apart. Available in a variety of sizes and colors.

12 units of 12" strap each
SKU: EE0038-SG

12 units of 18" strap each
SKU: EE0039-RE

12 units of 24" strap each
SKU: EE0040-YW

12 units of 36" strap each
SKU: EE0041-BL

12 units of 36" strap each
SKU: EE0042-BK

Heavy duty bungee straps with overmolded nylon hook ends. UV rated for 10 years. Made with a special blend of polyurethanes for ultimate performance.

Features & Benefits
Made with unique polyurethane blend and nylon hooks that won’t scratch
UV rated and chemical resistant
Stretches up to 2x original length

Facility maintenance personnel, manufacturing plants, public works personnel, mechanics, construction and industrial workers

Utility trucks, storage, utility sheds, vehicles, dollies

Ladders, pipes, heavy loads, loose parts, equipment, cables and wires, tarps, carpet rolls, hoses