Rust Exterminator™

Net Wt 16-11 oz SKU: EA165


Rust Exterminator chemically neutralizes rust and leaves a tough, long term, rust preventative coating. Seals, protects and prolongs the life of ferrous metal. Rusted area turns to a black protective finish. Upon curing, the protective barrier can be painted if desired. NOTE: Wearing chemical resistant gloves is recommended.

Net Wt 16-11 oz
SKU: EA165

Non-Chlorinated rust neutralizer. Seals, protects and prolongs the life of ferrous metal. Paintable after curing.

Features & Benefits
Stops corrosion
Seals ferrous metals and protects from rust
Paintable after curing

Painters, HVAC technicians, plumbers, building engineers, mechanics, welders, fleet departments, sheet
metal shops, public works, municipalities, public transportation, power plants, gas and oil companies

Rusted metals, condensate pans, railings, rusted pipes, industrial equipment, buses, car suspensions,
railroad equipment, marine equipment, aircraft parts, oil rigs, snow plow equipment, shovels, storage tanks

Corrosion, rust

1. For best results, workpiece and can should be at room temperature (above 65°F.). 2. Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of grease, dirt and oil. Remove loose rust and paint with coarse sandpaper or a wire brush. 3. Before using, shake can until ball rattles freely for at least one minute. Holding the can 8 to 10 inches from the surface, spray a thin, even coating onto the rusted metal. Avoid over application, sagging and dripping. A second application is advised only after allowing for complete drying of initial application. Final application will dry to a black finish. May be painted after curing for approximately 6 hours.

Acetone (67-64-1)
Butane (106-97-8)
Isopropyl Alcohol (67-63-0)
Propane (74-98-6)
Propylene Glycol Methyl Ether (107-98-2)
Tannic Acid (1401-55-4)
Toluene (108-88-3)

Health, 3*
Flammability, 4
Physical Hazard, 0 Personal Protection, X


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Package SizeNet Wt 16-11 oz