Paint Stripper

20-18 oz net wt SKU: EA860


Paint Stripper is a gel based paint, varnish and graffiti remover. Its powerful formula removes the oldest paint from metal, wood, concrete and brick. Our Paint Stripper is a viscous, semi-opaque liquid with a pH of 7.0. It works fast with its blisterting action and can be washed away with water. Excellent for removal of graffiti from unpainted surfaces.

20-18 oz net wt
SKU: EA860

Gel based graffiti and paint remover. Washes away with water. Neutral pH.

Features & Benefits
Clinging gel with blistering action
Washes away with water
Features a pH of 7.0

Graffiti abatement companies, road maintenance crews, municipalities, custodians, buildings maintenance, public transportation, sign crews, building engineers, public works, parking garages, apartment buildings, hospitals, schools, hospitality, malls

Wood, porcelain, concrete, steel, aluminum, glass, brass, chrome, brick, tile

Paint, varnish, graffiti

Shake can well. Clean off dirt, grease or heavy oil. Make sure surface is dry. Apply heavy coat evenly to the entire surface. Allow stripping compound to remain until entire surface is blistered.

Hydrocarbon Propellant CAS# 68476-86-8
Methyl Alcohol CAS# 67-56-1
Dichloromethane CAS# 75-09-2
Aromatic Hydrocarbon CAS# 108-88-3
Tall Oil CAS# 61790-12-3
Ammonium Hydroxide CAS# 7664-41-7


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Weight18 lbs
Dimensions10 in x 9 in x 11 in
Package Size20-18 oz net wt