Oust “Cherry Blast”

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Oust “Cherry Blast” is a granular product used for deodorizing and repelling flying insects in garbage collection areas. It uses naturally derived fragrances and repellent Geraniol with corn cob as the base to neutralize odors on contact and repel flies. Oust “Cherry Blast” quickly and effectively deodorizes garbage dumpsters, trash cans and containers, trash compactors and garbage collection trucks. Simply shake or spread into or around dumpsters, garbage containers and musty areas. Oust “Cherry Blast” is noncorrosive, safe to use, and biodegradable. It features lightweight formula for reduced shipping cost.

12 units of 64 oz jug (1.5 lbs) each
SKU: EB9805-64

5 gal pail (16 lbs)
SKU: EB9805-5

High performance spreadable granular deodorizer for garbage collection areas with Geraniol as natural insect repellent. Biodegradable and lightweight formula.

Features & Benefits
Eliminates odors caused by organic waste
Biodegradable lightweight formula
Naturally derived cherry fragrance with Geraniol as repellent

Custodians, facility maintenance personnel, office building engineers, hospitality staff, restaurant owners, hospitals, schools, apartments, grounds departments, waste management facilities

Dumpsters, garbage collectors, trash cans, compactors, garbage collection trucks

Odors, flies

Pour Oust “Cherry Blast” onto the bottom of the garbage container or on top of the waste. Reapply with every 8-10 inches of trash added to the container. Repeat after each service and keep trash can lid closed for best effect. For trucks and collection carts, scatter into truck beds and hopper when the container is empty. Do not put in food production areas.

Proprietary non-hazardous components

Health: 2
Flammability: 1
Physical Hazard: 0
Personal Protection: B


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