Heavy Duty Magnetic Tray 6″ x 14″

6" x 14" tray SKU: EB4427


Heavy Duty Magnetic Trays are designed to keep parts and tools from being misplaced or lost while working in the garage or workshop. These magnetic trays feature a strong magnet to keep your tray in place in any position. They prevent items from rolling or sliding and can be used to efficiently organize different parts, screws, nuts and bolts. Made from polished stainless steel, they resist rust and corrosion.

6" x 14" tray
SKU: EB4427

Heavy duty stainless steel magnetic trays designed to organize and hold various parts, screws, nuts and bolts. Can be used in any position.

Features & Benefits
Rust proof stainless steel with strong magnet
Can be used at any angle
Increases efficiency and organization

Maintenance mechanics, plumbers, HVAC workers, construction and maintenance crews, facility engineers, carpenters, machinists

Auto body shops, garages, machine shops, maintenance shops

Parts, screw, nuts, bolts, tools

Place parts onto the tray. Use the magnets on the back to attach the tray to metal surfaces at any angle.


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Weight3 lbs
Dimensions3 in x 15 in x 7 in
Package Size6" x 14" tray