Gel Pan Tabs

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Gel Pan Tabs are a long-lasting treatment for keeping condensate drain pans and lines free of accumulations commonly found in condensate pans. Each tablet gels when wet, clinging to the side or bottom of the pan, locking it in place so it won’t clog the drain. Gel Pan Tabs feature a slow-release formula; just one tablet can last an entire cooling season and it dissolves completely, so there is nothing to retrieve from the unit. Regular use of Gel Pan Tabs will help prevent drain pan overflows and musty, foul odors in air conditioning systems.

24 units of gel tab each
SKU: EB0720-7

12 units of gel tab each
SKU: EB0720-20

Gel Pan Tabs are a long lasting slime and odor treatment for condensate pans. Each tablet gels up and stays in place until completely dissolved. Slow release formula delivers seasonal treatment.

Features & Benefits
Aid in breakdown of slime in pans and prevent musty odors
Gel up to lock in place and dissolve completely
Slow release and long lasting

HVAC maintenance, building engineers, hospitality, maintenance crews, hospitals, school districts, government facilities, facility maintenance personnel

Condensate pans, drip pans

Slime, sludge, odor

Place tablet in drain or condensate pan. Monitor usage and replace tablet when completely dissolved.

Quaternary Surfactants

Health: 1
Flammability: 0
Physical Hazard: 0
Personal Protection: B


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