Contact Cleaner

12 units of 16-10 oz net wt each SKU: EA903


Contact Cleaner is a high purity, high dielectric, rapidly evaporating, non-flammable aerosol spray, electronic contact and circuit board cleaner. Specially formulated for removing condensation, dirt, dust and other particulate matter from sensitive electronic parts. Quick drying formula will not harm most plastics, paints or rubbers. This solvent system has been tested safe on: Neoprene, Buna, Silicone, Butyl, and Natural Rubber, Nylon, Hypalon, PTFE, PVC, Polyurethane, Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Epoxy. NOTE: If there is any doubt as to the material construction this product is to be used on, test on a small hidden surface prior to general use. Not recommended for use on Acrylic, ABS or Polycarbonate materials. Pre-testing is strongly suggested.

12 units of 16-10 oz net wt each
SKU: EA903

High purity electronic parts cleaner. Non-conductive and non-flammable. Residue free. Safe on most plastics.

Features & Benefits
Non-flammable with 31,000 volt dialectric strength
Non-corrosive and safe on most plastics
Dries fast with zero residue

Electricians, HVAC technicians, plumbers, carpenters, building engineers, mechanics, machine operators, golf course superintendents, sheet metal shops, fleet departments, public works, public transportation, municipalities, power plants, gas and oil companies

Electric circuit boards, circuit breakers, capacitors, diodes, inductors, resistors, transistors, and other internal components of electronic items like radios, compact disks (CD) players, and computers

Dirt, grease, grime, oil

Spray directly onto electronic component surface, holding can close to work. For hard to reach areas, insert extension tube into actuator orifice. Allow electronic components to dry completely before applying current. CAUTION: Use with adequate ventilation. intentional misuse by concentrating and inhaling the product can be harmful or fatal. Do not puncture or incinerate container. Do not expose to heat or store at temperatures above 120F (49C). Chemical contact with flames or extremely hot surfaces may lead to the formation of dangerous decomposition products.

Trans-1,2-dichloroethylene (156-60-5)
1,1,1,2- Tetrafluoroethane (811-97-2)
Methyl Nonafluorobutyl Ether (163702-07-6)
Methyl Nonafluoroisobutyl Ether (163702-08-7)
Ethyl Nonafluoroisobutyl Ether (163702-07-6)
Ethyl Nonafluorobutyl Ether (163702-05-4)

Health: 1
Flammability: 1
Physical Hazard: 0
Personal Protection: X


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Weight15 lbs
Dimensions9 in x 9 in x 11 in
Package Size16-10 oz net wt
Units Per Case12