BW-100 Non-Flammable Electronic Contact Cleaner Aerosol Spray 4 Oz

SKU: SR2231


BW-100 improves conductivity by blasting away dust and cleaning sensitive electrical equipment. It’s non-flammable, quick evaporation, and leaves zero residue. Safe to use on rubber, metal, and most plastics. Extension straw attached for hard to reach areas enabling pinpoint precision.

*** Compatibility test on small area is recommended before use                                                                                                                          *** Avoid spraying on keyboards, screens, and adhesives

SKU: SR2231

Features & Benefits
Clean sensitive electronics and electrical equipment quickly and easily.
Removes oil, grease, dust, and other pollutants on contact without leaving any residue.
Non-flammable, quick evaporation, and zero residue

Custodians, housekeepers, construction and maintenance, automotive, road maintenance, signal shops, facility maintenance personnel

Schools, office buildings, buses, hotels, hospitals, apartment buildings, airports, restrooms, floors, walls, doors, tiles, venetian blinds, kitchen sinks, cabinets, refrigerators

oil, grease, dust, and other pollutants.

Can be used on electronics with and without power.

Shake BW-100 can before use.
Attach extension straw for pinpoint stream. For wide angle, just press trigger

TIP! To tightly insert the straw, carefully wiggle the straw into the spray nozzle until it fits.
Hold BW-100 away from the surface and spray directly where cleaning is needed.
Let the solvent dry completely.

It will be gone almost immediately.


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