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No Slime Strips are biocide treatment for keeping condensate drain pans and lines free of algae and slime commonly found in condensate pans. Each biocide strip is encapsulated in a plastic net, so it won’t clog the drain. No Slime Strips feature a slow-release formula; one strip will last 6-12 moths depending on humidity level. Regular use of No Slime Strips will help prevent drain pan overflows, musty, foul odors, algae and bacteria growth responsible for Legionnaires’ disease. No Slime Strips 6″ treat units up to 10 tons and 12″ up to 20 tons.

6" strip
SKU: EB7202

12" strip
SKU: EB7201

No Slime Strips are biocide treatment for condensate pans. They eliminate algae and bacteria and aid in prevention of Legionnaires’ disease. Long lasting up to 12 months.

Features & Benefits
Kill algae and bacteria in condensate pans
Aid in prevention of Legionnaires' disease
Slow release formula lasts up to 12 months

HVAC maintenance, building engineers, hospitality, maintenance crews, hospitals, school districts, government facilities, facility maintenance personnel

Air conditioning drain pans, dehumidifiers, computer room equipment, coolers, refrigerated vending machines, display cases and cold storage walk-ins

Algae, slime, sludge, odor

Place No Slime Strip in condensate pan. Monitor usage and replace tablet when completely dissolved.

2-Propanol, 1-(1,1-dimethylethoxy) (57018-52-7)

Health: 2
Flammability: 0
Physical Hazard: 1
Personal Protection: B


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