Gi Jo Wipes – Chemical and Tear Resistant

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Gi Jo Wipes are a low-lint, cellulose and synthetic based disposable wipers. They offer superior wet strength, absorbency and versatility. They are chemical and solvent resistant and won’t tear easily. Gi Jo Wipes are designed for light and heavy duty applications.

8 units of 50 ct box each
SKU: SR6971

8 units of 50 ct box each
SKU: SR6972

Heavy duty industrial wipes with ultra zorb technology.

Features & Benefits
Lint-free and streak-free
Tear and solvent resistant
High oil and water absorbtion

Mechanics, automotive, maintenance, manufacturing plants, plumbers, HVAC technicians, custodians, painters, graffiti crews, industrial workers, public works, gas and oil companies, transportation authorities, municipalities, road crews

Glass, stainless steel, plastic, Formica, wood, metal, other non-porous surfaces

Dirt, oil, grease, solvents, chemicals, paints


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