Enviro Shine™

16 fl oz SKU: EP2901


Enviro Shine™ is a high performance eco-friendly, food grade and NSF approved stainless steel cleaner. It cleans, shines, and protects all stainless steel appliances, fixtures and surfaces. It effectively and efficiently eliminates unsightly fingerprints, smudges and water spots. Many industrial cleaners contain abrasive or corrosive substances that may permanently mar your equipment. Our Enviro Shine™ has been specifically designed to safely clean stainless steel while leaving a beneficial surface-saving protectant. This micro thin oil based layer seals the surface from airborne environmental elements while virtually eliminating fingerprints and smudges, and preventing water spots and rust from forming.

16 fl oz
SKU: EP2901

High performance eco-friendly stainless steel cleaner. Food grade formula cleans, shines and protects, leaving a micro thin protective film that resists fingerprints and smudges and prevents rust and water spots from forming.

Features & Benefits
Food grade formula cleans, shines and protects
Resists fingerprints and smudges
Prevents rust and water spots

Custodians, maintenance crews, HVAC and refrigeration technicians, bar and restaurant owners, hospitals, school districts, hospitality, building maintenance, carpenters

Stainless steel, vending machines, ice machines, food surfaces, vents, appliances, fixtures, counters, refrigerators, ovens, vents, sinks, table saws

Dust, dirt, fingerprints, smudges, light soils, rust, water spots

Spray directly on surface to be cleaned or apply with a soft non-abrasive cloth. Wipe fingerprints, smudges and spills using a circular motion until removed. Polish surface to a high luster using a clean, dry non-abrasive cloth.

Food Grade Mineral Oil (8042-47-5)
Linear Paraffins (64771-72-8)
Citrus Distillate (5989-27-5)
Propylene Glycol Ether (34590-94-8)
Dimethyl Siloxane (63148-62-9)

Health: 1
Flammability: 1
Physical Hazard: 0
Personal Protection: B


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Weight13 lbs
Dimensions10 in x 8 in x 11 in
Package Size16 fl oz