Drip Mats 2′ x 2′

100 units of 2' x 2' Mat each SKU: EB2680



Protect against leaks and spills with our Drip Mats thus avoid slip and fall accidents. Drip Mats have a protective plastic backing that prevents seepage through the other side. Drip Mats absorb liquids on contact. Perfect for placing under leaking sinks, pipes, etc. Drip Mats are compact, lightweight and easy to store.

100 units of 2' x 2' Mat each
SKU: EB2680

Absorbent mats catch leaks, drips or spills instantly.

Features & Benefits
Each mat absorbs 1 quart of liquid
Plastic backing keeps floor dry
Inner absorbent is completely contained to prevent seepage

Facility maintenance personnel, plumbers, HVAC technicians, carpenters, contractors, custodials

Leaky pipes and equipment

Leaks, spills, drips, condensation build up

Place directly under leaks or wet equipment


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Weight lbs
Dimensions in x in x in
Package Size2' x 2' Mat
Units Per Case100