A-1 Food Grade Degreaser

4 units of 1 gallon each SKU: EB0043-4


A-1 Food Grade Degreaser is a foamy kitchen degreaser & cleaner designed to clean all surfaces in meat rooms, restaurants and food processing areas. It is foamed on and then rinsed off. All the animal fat is washed down the drain. This A-1 Food Grade Degreaser can also be used for floor cleaning in kitchen areas to eliminate grease. This concentrated heavy-duty formula is designed for use in commercial and institutional kitchens to clean hoods, grills, walls and large kitchen equipment, and other food processing areas. It can also be used in gang showers to remove soap scum and other mineral deposits on shower walls when used with a pressure foaming device. It can be diluted at a variety of rates for different cleaning jobs. NSF A-1 Approved for use as a general cleaner.

4 units of 1 gallon each
SKU: EB0043-4

Concentrated foaming food grade degreaser.

Features & Benefits
NSF A-1 approved
Concentrated and foaming formula
Removes animal fat, soap scum and mineral deposits

Food processing facillities, restaurants

Kitchen equipment, hoods, walls, floors

Grease and grime, carbonized deposits, vegetable oils, animal fats, petroleum grease, oil

Foam Cleaning: Dilute 1:16 - For use in locations with adequate floor drain. Remove gross soils. Apply foamy product liberally to floors, walls, equipment, counters, etc., with any foam dispenser. Let foam remain on surface for 5 minutes to loosen deposits. Do not allow to dry. Rinse clean with hot water hose spray.
Conventional Cleaning: For general purpose cleaning with mop, brush or sponge, use one part product to 32 parts water. Remove gross soils. Apply foaming product to surface. Wear rubber or plastic gloves for manual cleaning. If deposits are heavy, let solution remain for 5 minutes but do not allow to dry. Pick up into second bucket or use wet-dry vacuum if necessary. Rinse well with clear, hot water.
Equipment Cleaning: To clean tools, machine parts, equipment, prepare a solution of one part product to 20 parts water. Clean with brush or sponge wearing rubber gloves. Then, rinse with hot water. Product solution can also be used for soak-cleaning.

U.S.D.A. A1: Compounds for use as a general cleaner.


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